Customizable Point of Sale screen

The user can customize the POS screen from back office system. The user can completely design right part of screen. It is possible to place a keypad in top/bottom or remove from screen, also user can create a button and assign a function/department. If the button assigned with department, the touch action of button can be display a keyboard to enter amount, or navigate to sub department or navigate to PLU items screen (displayed with images and description of items). Rather than supporting simple POS functions, the POS screen also supports some other advanced functions to run the store more efficiently.

Reporting & Business Analysis

The back office system provides an ultimate business analysis & reporting tools to generate charts, graphs and tabular data, using past sale data. So the manager can view department sales, top selling items, promotion reports, purchase reports, stock movement reports, customer reports and so much other reports. Using those reports, the manager able to take proper decisions to grow the business in future.

Product & Category management

The product menu provides features to manage product lines in a good manner. The user can properly analysis margin and profit percentage, of each line and can do proper pricing. The usual barcode products and PLU (non barcode) products are treated exactly same way in this system (means user need to assign a 4 digit code instead barcode). Also there is an option to choose, whether to display the product or not in the front PLU screen, so PLU items and other usual items (normally heavy weight items) also can be displayed in PLU screen.

Supplier integration

Currently the system integrated with NISA, Premier/Booker and Costcutter. The user can electronically download PLOFs, invoices, promotions and upload orders. Also user can straightaway update stock while downloading invoices/ deliveries. Also the user can download upto date newspaper & magazine PLOF.

Labels & POS displays printing

The back office system's label menu provides features, to print different types (normal and promotion) of 7 x 3 labels in A4 sheet. Also the user can print color full half talkers for promotion items, and square talkers for wines.

Stock control & Ordering

The system also provides features to do stock control and ordering through back office. A hand held device can be used to do these functions. Also the orders can send to NISA, Booker and Costcutter through back office. Stock can be updated using invoices. Also system provides some advanced features to find out missing lines while ordering.

Promotions management

The system support almost all of popular promotion types such as buy any x for type offers, buy x get x offers, meal deal and etc. Also NISA and Costcutter promotions can be downloaded. Also the user can view promotion sale reports in back office.


The system provides features to allow/deny required permissions to each staff, according to their roles. Also the system records each changes made to every product line. And also the system records many different kinds of logs, those can be seen by the manager as a report.